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     At the end of World War I South West Africa was placed under Mandate by the League of Nations to South Africa. The United Nations required South Africa to prepared the territory for self-government and independence. When South Africa refused and delayed, the United Nations terminated the Mandate in 1966. After 14 years of further delays, and armed resistance by the African population, the nation of Namibia gained its independence in 1990. The stamp was issued by Zambia in 1975 to mark "Namibia Day" that year. Note the long territorial projection at the Northeast corner. That is the "Caprivi Strip." Click here to learn more about the Caprivi Strip.

SCN 149-152

Walvis Bay

     The stamp was issued in 1994 to celebrate the incorporation of Walvis Bay, the only natural harbor on the Namibian coast. Although Namibia became independent in 1990, it was not until 1994 that Walvis Bay which had been controlled by Great Britain was incorporated into the independent nation.

SCN 761