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     Damão, today Daman, was a fortified port on the east coast of the Golf of Cambay about a hundred miles north of Bombay. It was first entered by the Portuguese in 1531, and captured a second time in 1558. It remained in Portuguese hands until 1961 when it was annexed by India.

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    Diu or Dio is a seaport on the island of the same name. It was acquired from the Sultan of Gujarat by treaty in 1535. It became Indian territory in 1961.

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     Pedro Alvarez Cabral gained control of Cochim or cochin for the Portuguese by treaty in 1500. In 1502 Vasco Da Gama built a trading post and a year later Alfonso de Albuquerque built a fort. The English took over in 1635, and the territory was ceded to India in 1961.

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