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     The Antarctic Treaty was signed in 1959 and became effective in 1961. Article XV:22 provided that the representatives recommend that the governments celebrate the 30th anniversary in 1991 by issuing on the same day a postage stamp or stamps bearing the legend, “Antarctic Treaty 1961-1991” and incorporating the Antarctic Treaty emblem and reflecting “the themes of protecting the Antarctic environment and international cooperation in Antarctic scientific research.”
     Of the 12 original signatories only five issued a stamp for the 30th anniversary. Of those the stamp below represents the offering of Chile. It includes the emblem in the upper left corner, features the theme of protecting the Antarctic and has the appropriate legend at the bottom of the stamp. In one particular it violates the Treaty by indicating Chile’s claim to Antarctic territory. It was issued on October 7, 1991, se-tenant with Scott 975.

SCN 974

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