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Jutías Key

     The Faros or lighthouse is a 134 ft octagonal skeletal tower with central cylinder  painted with black and yellow horizontal bands. The Key is located northwest of the Bahía de Santa Lucia in Pinar del Río. It is accessible by bridge from the nearby port of Santa Lucia. On the stamp the blue star indicates the location of the Faros or lighthouse.

SCN 2553

Paredón Grande Key

     This lighthouse is 16-sided. The only 16-sided U.S. lighthouses are the short towers at Cape Mendocino and Point Reyes, California. Originally the lighthouse had four windows on each level to allow the maximum possible air within the metal tower, but they have been sealed.

SCN 2554

Roncale, San Antonio

     The Roncali lighthouse was built in 1850, and continues as an active lighthouse with its light at 31 meters. It flashes two white signals every 10 seconds. The lighthouse is a masonry tower painted white.
     There is a web page at which has information on 28 lighthouses in Cuba.

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