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Neuland Lighthouse

     The Neuland lighthouse was built in 1918 and placed in service at the end of World War I. It is located about 5 km east of Behrendsdorf. Since 1996 it has not been used as an aid to navigation, but was transferred to the Navy as a warning tower. It is 40 meters high with an octagonal brick tower. The map on this stamp is in the margin.

SCN Neuland

Hohe Weg

     The Hohe Weg lighthouse 25 km northwest of Bremerhaven, was built in 1856. It is an octagonal aluminum-clad brick tower 36m high. It is painted red with white trim. Its purpose is to guide ships around a dangerous shallow area called the Hohe Weg. At the entrance to the Weser river. The map on this stamp is also in the margin.

SCN no number Hohe Weg

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