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     In 2002 the Peoples Republic of China issued a set of five stamps commemorating Chinese lighthouses. The stamps have nautical charts locating the lighthouses. The Maota Pagoda Lighthouse is located on Mao Island in the Mao River in Quigpu county, Shanghai. It was built in 874 A.D. In 1279, at the end of the Song Dynasty the coastline receded and the light was finally extinguished. In 2002 it was re-kindled.

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     The Jangxin Pagoda Lighthouses are on Isolated Island in the Ou River in Wenzhou. The east lighthouse was Elephant Rock, on Dongfeng Mount was first built in 970 A.D. The west was Lion Rock on Xifeng Mount, first built in 869 A.D. The two two towers face each other; the Shuangta Lighthouse is the highest, 48 meters.

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