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     Jersey is a dependent territory of the British Crown. The Bailiwick began to issue its own stamps in 1969. This stamp was issued in 1976 and shows the twelve parishes of the bailiwick.

SCN 137

     The island of Jersey off the coast of France is out of scale with the rest of the map.

SCN 44

SCN 267


Kenya became a Crown Colony in 1906. It included the former East Africa Protectorate which was leased from the Sultan of Zanzibar and known as the Kenya Protectorate. The Uganda Protectorate was declared a British protectorate in 1894, and became independent in 1962. Tanganyika was a trust territory grouped postally with Kenya and Uganda from 1935 to 1961 when it became independent. In 1964 Zanzibar merged with Tanganyika, and 1965 "Tanzania" replaced "Tanganyika and Zanzibar." The stamp was issued in 1958 to commemorate the centennial of the discovery of Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika by Sir Richard F. Burton and Captain J. H. Speke.

SCN 119


The independent native state of Basutoland was annexed to the Cape Colony in 1871, and transferred directly to the British Crown in 1883. Basutoland became an independent state again in 1966 with the name Lesotho.
     One of the few examples of Africans in Southern Africa winning a conflict with whites in the 19th century is the Gun War (1880-1881) which ended ten years of rule by the British Cape Colony over Basutoland.
     The Cape magistrates had interfered with the traditional laws and authorities of the Sotho people. The magistrates tried to enforce a Disarmament Act, but the Sotho refused to be disarmed. The decisive engagement was at Qalabani in October 1880. The Sotho ambushed a column of soldiers and killed or wounded 39 of them. The Cape magistrates could not regain control, and the British government in London took over in 1883. The stamp was issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Gun War. The map shows several areas of action.

SCN 290

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