Behem's Codex ~ 1505

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     In the street of the wood carvers craftsmen produced chairs and tables and other articles of furniture.  Tools and samples of wood are on the table. St. Joseph was the patron of the carpenters.

SCN 1699

     Medieval style in shoes mandated "cracows," long points (named for the city of Cracow). British law prohibited cracows longer than 2 inches, but elsewhere points of up to 18 inches were known. In the shoemaker's shop apprentices worked on making shoes while the shoemaker consulted with his customer. Her last is on the pole at her side.

SCN 1700

     The name "Cooper" is derived from the craft of barrel making, "cooping" or "coping," fitting iron bands around the staves that made the barrel. Here we see the barrel makers working on their barrels.

SCN 1701

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