Behem's Codex ~ 1505

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     Balthasar Behem was the public notary in Cracow in the 16th century. He commissioned the codex, a collection of acts, charters, privileges, and bylaws that regulated the guilds of Cracow. He may have written the text, but the "Master of the Behem Codex" created the 27 miniatures which show the crafts and scenes from daily life of the residents of Cracow.
     This set of stamps depicts eight crafts or trades of the Middle Ages. The first scene is at the door of the bell founder. He and a church functionary haggle over a bell, while two apprentices look on. A flagon, a cnadleholder and other objects made in the foundry are also seen.

SCN 1697

     The muralist is next with pictures on the walls of his studio. Altar pieces, screens, and murals were his field. He designed the work and the apprentices learned the trade by working on them.

SCN 1698