Behem's Codex ~ 1505

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     The bakers worked at night so the people could have their bread in the morning. The baker tends the oven. The apprentice arranges the freshly baked loaves. In the shadows a woman seems to be stealing a loaf, but perhaps she is either the baker's wife, or an early customer.

SCN 1702

     A lady is having a fitting in the shop of the tailor. Tailors not only had to be attentive to fashion and the customers desires, but also was expected to disguise his patrons physical deformities.

SCN 1703

     The bowmaker is a craftsmen who made the weapons used by medieval people for hunting and self-defense. A specialty within the craft was that of the fletcher who fixed the feathers to the arrow shaft to help it fly straight.

SCN 1704

     The Behem Codex is preserved in the Jagiellonian Library in Cracow, Poland.