1950 ~ 1953

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International Red Cross

     A stamp issued in 1950 to honor the International Red Cross has a globe showing the western hemisphere and a small part of Africa.

SCN 1016

Ohio Statehood ~ 1803

     Ohio was the first State created out of the Northwest Territory. It became a State in 1803. The stamp was issued in 1953 to commemorate the sesquicentennial of Statehood for Ohio.

SCN 1018

Gadsden Purchase ~ 1853

     On December 30, 1853 the United States purchased a strip of land (29,640 square miles) in the Mesilla Valley south of the Gila River from Mexico for $10 million. The purpose was to provide a route for a railroad to the Pacific, but before it could be built the Civil War began and the project was dropped. The land is now part of Arizona and New Mexico.

SCN 1028

Rotary International

     The stamp was issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Rotary International.

SCN 1066


1950 ~ 1953