South Dakota

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65 Million Years Ago

     Tyrannosaurus Rex lived 65 million years ago. "Sue," the world's most complete, best preserved, and largest Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered in 1990 and named for Sue Hendrickson , who lived near Faith, South Dakota.

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26,000 Years Ago

     Some 26,000 years ago Woolly Mammoths lived in South Dakota. In 1974 the largest natural deposit of Colombian mammoths in the Western Hemisphere was discovered in a sink-hole in Hot Springs, South Dakota. In addition to more than 52 mammoths, camel, llama, wolf, and short-faced bear fossils have also been found.

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The Louisiana Purchase

     In 1803 Thomas Jefferson concluded the Louisiana Purchase doubled the territory of the United States and extended its interests from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

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