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Walter Klinefelter, Maps in Miniature: Notes Critical and Historical on their Use on Postage Stamps. With a Check-List, Windham, Connecticut, 1936

Walter Klinefelter, A Small Display of Old Maps and Plans, Iowa City, Iowa: The Prairie Press, 1962

Walter, Klinefelter, A Further Display of Old Maps and Plans, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Sumac Press, 1969

Walter Klinefelter, A Third Display of Old Maps and Plans: Studies in postal cartography, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, 1973

Walter Klinefelter, A Fourth Display of Old Maps and Plans Studies in Postal Cartography, La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1978

Robin J. Wilson, Stamping Through Mathematics, New York: Springer-Verlag, 2001

Larry Dodson, The Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, ATA Handbook 139,  American Topical Association, [n.d.]

Benton Wood, Philatelic and Numismatic Holmes, [n.p.], 1995

David McCall Walsten, Stave Churches of the World: An Introduction, Denmark, WI: Madsen Press, 1994.




This is a topical society devoted to maps on stamps.

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