Armenian Illuminated Code ~ 1569

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     Minatures from the Illuminated Code illustrate the early history of the kingdom of Armenia. St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew founded a small Christian community in Armenia in the first century. In 301 St. Gregory the Illuminator converted King Tiridate who founded the first Christian nation. Tiridate had imprisoned Gregory for preaching the Christian faith. Tiridate became very ill and turned to Gregory for help. In the first stamp Tiridate is symbolized by a wild boar standing before St. Gregory.

SCN 1176

     In the second St. Gregory makes Atangelo write the history of the Armenians in the presence of King Tiridate.

SCN 1177

    St. Gregory and King Tiridate encounter Constantine the Roman Emperor and Pope Silvester I.

SCN 1178