America's Cup Race

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     In 1851 the Royal Yacht Squadron invited the Americans to send a yacht to race at "Prince Albert's Great Exhibition." The trophy for the winner was to be the "One Hundred Sovereign Cut," also known, by the Americans as the "One Hundred Sovereign Cup." The course was 53 miles around the Isle of Wight.  The New York Yacht Club's 30.86 meter schooner yacht America raced against the "Aurora" and 13 other yachts representing the Royal Yacht Club of Cowes, England and won by 20 minutes. The British winner's cup became known as "America's Cup," and was held by the Americans for 132 years (113 years by the New York Yacht Club).
     The stamp, issued by the Solomon Islands in 1987, shows a map of the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England.

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