Wallis and Futuna Islands

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     The Wallis and Futuna Islands are an Overseas Territory of France. They are comprised of two island groups.Wallis Island, surrounded by a barrier reef, and the Hoorn (named for the home town of le Maire and Schouten) or Futuna Islands, Futuna and Alofi. The stamp features an outline map of the islands of Wallis (Matā-Utu is the capital of the Territory) and Futuna (Sigave is the highest point of the territory).
     In addition to the map the stamp also features three compass roses and a picture of a ship, which probably represents the European discovery of the islands by Jacob le Maire (Eendracht) and Willem Schouten (Hoorn) on April 28, 1616.
     When it was issued in 1960 the stamp was valued at 33 Francs. In 1971 it was overprinted with a value of 21 Francs.


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