Wallis and Futuna Islands

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     The Territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands is a French island territory in the South Pacific between Fiji and Samoa. It is made up of three main volcanic tropical islands and a number of tiny islets
     Wallis Island (Uvea is the indigenous name) is to the north (13º17′S 176º12′W) and Futuna and Alofi (13º15′S 176º12′W) approximately 150 miles south.
     In addition to the maps the designs on the two stamps also feature the flag of the European Union, a compass rose, and a title associating the stamps with the Project cartographique 2004-2007. Also included in the design are the letters "FED" which stands for Fonds européen de développment (European Development Fund), and 9ème" (9th) which refers to the ninth FED program. (Thanks to Pierre Moise for information on these two items.)
     On the vertical stamp the island of Wallis is identified as Uvea, a reference to the kingdom of Uvea which preceded French control.

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