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     Captain Ivo Visin (1806-1868) of Prčanj (Boka kotorska, Montenegro) was the commander of the barque [a two-masted sailing ship] "Splendido" on which he sailed around the world from 1852 to 1859. Visin was the first Croatian, and only the sixth sailor in the world to repeat what Magellan did. For his accomplishment he was awarded the Austrian White Honor Flag, Merito navale, awarded in peacetime for the results and successes in navigation on distant seas, in development of naval trade, in rescuing at sea or some other exceptional deed, merchant-ship captains for nautical merits. Visin is the only recipient of this honor. The flag is shown flying over the ship "Splendido" is the Honor Flag with an imperial double eagle on a white field.
     The map in the background is Vincenzo Maria Coronelli's (1650-1718) map, Disegno Topografico Del Canale di Cattaro (Topographical Design of the Canals of Kotor (Boka Katorska)), 1688. It is a detailed topographical map of the Gulf of Venice and Sea of Dalmatia, in the Hercag-Novi region of Serbia and Montenegro. It was published in Coronelli's 13 volume atlas in 1688, and included in his Isolario dell' Atlante Veneto published in 1696. The map shows the bay, in Venetian possession, with the exception of Vitaljina and Prevlaka. The Venetians captured the town of Kotor in 1520 and expanded their conquest in 1540 and again in 1683-1699.

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