1966 ~ 1976

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Indiana Statehood ~ 1816

     When Ohio began to move toward Statehood in 1800 Congress created the Indiana Territory out of the remains of the Northwest Territory. Indiana became the 19th State to be admitted to the Union in 1816. There are nineteen stars in the State outline map.

SCN 1308

The Great River Road

     The stamp commemorates the Great River Road, an undivided highway along the Mississippi River, extending from Kenora, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico. The Great River Road was originally proposed by the federal government in 1938, as a 2,000 mile parkway along the Mississippi River from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. It is a part of the National Scenic Byways Program. 

SCN 1319

Urban Planning

     Issued in connection with the International Conference of the American Institute of Planners in Washington, D.C. in 1967

SCN 1333

Hemisfair '68

     Hemisfair '68 commemorated the 250th Anniversary of the founding of San Antonio. It was the first officially designated international exposition in the Southwestern United States.

SCN 1340