1939 ~ 1945

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In 1889 four states were admitted to the Union: North Dakota as the 39th state, South Dakota as the 40th state, Montana as the 41st state, and  Washington as the 42nd state. The territory of all these states was originally a part of the Louisiana Purchase. The stamp was issued in 1939 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their admission.

SCN 858

China Resistance ~ 1937-1942 

     Over the centuries China and Japan were often at war. In 1937 Japan invaded China again, and for several years extended its hold to most of the country. Nevertheless, China continued to resist the Japanese. A stamp was issued in 1942 to note the fifth anniversary of Chinese resistance. Pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Sun Yat-Sen, "the Father of the Chinese Revolution." Lincoln's words, "of the people, by the people, for the people," appear on the stamp in both English and Chinese to emphasize American sympathy for Chinese independence.

scn 906

Florida Statehood ~ 1845

     Florida became the 27th State in 1845. In 1945 the 100th Anniversary of Florida's Statehood was commemorated with a stamp showing a map of Florida. The map was based on a map produced before the exact shape of the peninsula was known and the correct relationship of various features had been established. The Indian River is too far north, as is Cape Canaveral. The upper part of St. John's river is too far inland. The Kissimmee River and Lake Okeechobee are too far west, and the mouth of Wuwanee is too near Apalachicola Bay, which should have been larger.

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