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Okinawa, Luzon, Hong Kong Cable

     The stamp marks the beginning of the undersea telephone cable linking Okinawa, Luzon, and Hong Kong in 1977.

SCN 1311

Trans-Pacific Fiber Optic Cable

     The stamp was issued in 1989 to celebrate the completion of the fiber optic cable linking Japan and the United States.

SCN 1830


     This stamp was issued in 1956 to mark the 50th anniversary of Telegraph and Telephone service in Iceland.

SCN 297

     In 1962 a set of two stamps with the same design was issued to mark the inauguration of the cable telephone service from Newfoundland to Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Scotland. The cable between White Bay, Newfoundland, Canada and Oban, Scotland was laid in 1961, and in 1962 the first telephone cable from the United Kingdom to the Faroe Islands and Iceland was opened.

SCN 350-351

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