Taedongyo Jido ~ 1861

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     Kim Jong Ho (also Kim Chong Ho) was a nineteenth century Korean mapmaker. Beginning in 1830 he traveled through Korea for 30 years gathering inforamtion. In 1864 he publiced a large wood-cut map, the Taedonyo Jido. a portion of this map is featured on South Korea 1974d. It shows a small portion of the map and a compass.

SCN 1974d

      The map was drawn on a scale of 1 to 162,000. It contains more than 11,600 important pieces of information in the areas of natural, political, economic, military and cultural fields, such as mountains and mountain ranges, rivers, streams, islets, ports, sea routes, district administrative seats and their boundaries, residential districts, traffic networks, signal-fire sites, communications, walled cities, markets, storehouses, stock farms, irrigation channels and historic relics. It consists of 22 sheets with a total aea of 33 square meters and is designed to be folded for convenience and printed in quantities that made it available to the public.The map and a portrait of Kim is featured on two stamps issued by The Democratic People's Republic.

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     It was so accurate that it provided the basis for the 1 to 50,000 scale maps produced by the modern triangulation methods in 1920. He also wrote a book systematizing the data to explain and supplement the map. He was arrested by the government for leaking confidential information and the woodcuts of the map were destroyed. He died in 1864 either in prison or shortly after he was released.