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Korea 328

     On August 15, 1961 the Republic of Korea issued a single stamp with a map of the Korean peninsula, a broken chain (a chain continues to surround North Korea) and a torch held by three hands. The peninsula is divided between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the north in red, and the Republic of Korea in the south in blue. The three hands holding the torch each have a numerical designation which indicates the date of a significant event in the post-war history of the Republic of Korea.
     The hand at the bottom is designated 8.15, which refers to the Japanese surrender on August 15, 1945 which led to the establishment of a democratic government in 1948 under United Nations’ auspices. The hand on the left has the date 4.19 which marks the resignation of Syngman Rhee as president as a result of student protests against government corruption. The hand on the right, 5.16 is the date of the military coup of General Chung Hee Park, which toppled the civilian government, was the proximate cause for the issue.

SCN 328