Swiss Chronicles

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Bern Chronicle ~ 1470

     Bendich Tschachtlan (1420-1470) created the first illustrated chonicle in 1470. It contains a comphrehenseive reproduction of the great annalists of Bern's history like Konrad  Justinger and Hans Fründ. The stamp shows a miniature of King Fredrich II presenting a Charter to Bern in 1218, making it an imperial Free City.

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Spiez Chronicle ~ 1484/85

     Diebod Schilling (d. 1486), the Elder, helped with the production of Tschachtlan’s chronicle, and was inspired by it to produce three chronicles including the so-called Spiez Chronicle, commissioned by Rudolf von Erlach , the mayor of Bern, in 1483. The miniature that is reproduced from this work is a picture of Captain Adrian von Bubenberg and troops passing through the Murten town gate to defend the city against the Swiss Confederacy in 1476.

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Zurich Chronicle ~ 1479

     Gerold Edlibach (1454-1530) was a step-son of the mayor, Hans Waldman. He was one of the main chroniclers of the Zurich war. In 1440 a dispute arose between Zurich on the one side, and the cantons of Schweitz and Glaris on the other, respecting some territorial claims. All Switzerland was armed against Zurich, the refractory member. Edlibach’s chronicle is represented by a miniature portraying the official Schweitz messenger before the council of Zurich in 1440.

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Lucerne Chronicle ~ 1513

     Diebold Schilling’s nephew (1460-ca.1522), who had the same name, was commissioned to write a Chronicle for Lucerne. The first illustration in the Chronicle depicts the presentation of the completed work to the Mayor and City Council in the council chamber in 1513.

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