Swedish Explorers

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SCN 1009a/H269

     Carl Peter Thunberg, professor in botany and medicine, explorer. Thunberg was a student of Carl Linneaus. After several years in South Africa, in 1775 he was sent to Japan by the Dutch East India Company. There he collected botanical specimens and established the basis for Japanese botanical research.
     Anders Sparrman, doctor, botanist and explorer. Sparrman was also a student of Carl Linneaus. He spent some time in South Africa, where he joined Captain James Cook's second expedition on the Resolution. After two and a half years with Cook he returned to the Cape and his studies there.
     Swedish botanists Dr. Daniel Karl Solander and Anders Sparrman (the stamp has an extra “n”), are commemorated on this souvenir sheet from French Polynesia. Solander visited the island on James Cook’s first voyage in 1768, and Sparrman accompanied Cook on his second voyage in 1772.  Both men were students of Carolus Linnaeus, who originated the scientific system of plant classification. The map is not identified. The background of the sheet is clearly modern.

SCN C220

     A. E. Nordenskiöld, baron, geologist, explorer, participated in a majority of expeditions to Spitsbergen and on July 21, 1878 in Tromsö began his famous journey through the Northwest Passage with the ship, Vega. After overwintering he continued the journey through Beringsund and thereby the Northwest Passage was completed.
     S. A. Andrée, engineer, physicist, took part in an expedition to Spitsbergen (1882-1883) where he made observations from the earth of atmospheric electricity. This gave rise to his interest in scientific balloon excursions. His two most successful were from Stockholm to the Finnish archipelago and from Göteborg to Gotland. In 1897 Andrée and two companions attempted to reach the North pole by balloon. They failed and the remains of the expedition were found in 1930.
     Sven Hedin, explorer, geographer and author. He traveled to Central Asia four times and mapped much of Central Asia. Hedin was knighted in 1902, the last person to receive Swedish knighthood, and became a member of the Swedish academy in 1913.