Snorri Sturluson ~ 1179-1241

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     Snorri Sturluson (also spelled Sturlason) was born in 1179. His parents were Sturla Thordarson and Guđny Boedvarsdótter. He a poet and scholar and a pioneer in Nordic mythology. He wrote the Heimskringla, stories about the kings of Norway, as well as many other works. He was also active in political leader in Iceland. In 1241 he was assassinated at his home by agents of the Norwegian king, Haakon IV because he had not revealed a plot against the king by his good friend, Earl Skuli. 

     The stamp shows an illuminated initial in the manuscript edition of the “Saga of St. Olaf” (Olavs saga helga) in the Heimskringla. It was issued to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the birth of Snorri Sturluson in 1979.

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