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Slovenia 341

     In 1999 Slovenia issued a set of four stamps commemorating famous Slovene men. Two of the stamps feature maps. The low value features Peter Kosler (1824-1879), geographer and cartographer and his map,  Zemljovid Slovenske dežele in pokrajin Izdelala in na svitlo, published in 1853 in the almanac, Kratiki slovenski zemljopis. In the upper left corner there is a symbol for the person commemorated. On this stamp the symbol appears to be a transit telescope.

SCN 341

Slovenia 343

     The 70 Tolar value features General Rudolf Maistre (1874-1934). At the end of World War I, during which he was a commander in the Austrio-Hungarian army, General Maister established a Slovene army and led the struggle for a Slovene nation. When that failed he retired from public life. The background of the stamp is an unidentified battle map. The symbol in the upper left corner is a saber.

SCN 343

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