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Portugal (Azores) 462

     In 1589 Jan Huygen Van Linschoten was stranded for two years in the Azores where he painted the map of Angra on the island of Terceira reproduced on this souvenir sheet. In 1592 he returned to Lisbon and in 1592-1596 he published a three volume history of his experiences, Itinerario: Voyage ofte schipvaert van Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten naar Ooster ofte Portuguese Indien inhandende een certe beschrijvinge de salaer landen inde zeecusen...1579-1592. He included the picture on the stamp. Other stamps with Van Linschoten maps are Ascension 289, Mozambique 487, and St. Helena 318.
     The sheet issued by Portugal (Azores) in 2001 based on van Linschoten's picture shows the town of Angra and the Monte Brazil (the two mountains at the lower left of the picture). In 1983 Angra do Heroísmo was placed on the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

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