Philipp Apian ~ 1563

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     The town of Ingolstadt was first mentioned in a document of Charlemagne in 806. In 2006 Germany issued a stamp to commemorate the 1200th anniversary of Ingolstadt, picturing a portion of a map published by Philipp Apian (1531-1589) in 1563.
     Both Philipp and Peter Apian, his father (1495-1552) were mathematicians and cartographers at the University of Ingolstadt. Both were Lutherans and lost their positions in Ingolstadt for that reason. Philipp went to the University of Tübingen, and subsequently lost his position there because he would not take sides in the dispute between Lutherans and Calvinists.
     The map on which the stamp is based on Apian's survey of the duchy of Bavaria from 1554 to 1561 was made for duke Albrecht V of Bavaria. It was drawn on a scale of 1:45,000 and was 16 feet square. Jost Ammann produced 14 woodcut regional maps of Bavaria based on Apian's map. These maps were were made at a scale of 1:144,000 and were so accurate that they were used by Napoleon when he occupied Bavaria around 1800.
     The picture of Ingolstadt on the stamp is not the one on the map itself.

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