Book of Kells ~ 800

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     Near the beginning of the ninth century A.D. at the scriptorium of Iona Irish monks created the “Book of Kells,” one of the most beautiful illuminated manuscripts in the world. The four Gospels were inscribed on vellum in insular majuscule script with pages of intricate illumination as well as smaller decorations on other pages. Giraldus Cambrensis, a thirteenth century scholar, wrote “ might believe it was the work of an angel rather than a human being.” The manuscript was moved from Kells to Dublin in 1661. Today it is held in the Trinity College Library. 
     The image represented on the stamp is of the Virgin and Child. The pose is formal and is influenced by oriental styles of art. 
Two other stamps in the set have the same image.

SCN 325

     The stamp below displays the image of Christ Attended by Angels from the Book of Kells.

SCN 413