Pieter van den Keere ~ 1571- ca. 1646

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     Pieter van den Keere (1571-c. 1646) was perhaps the son of Henri van den Keere in Ghent. In 1584 he and his sister, Coletta, who later married Jodocus Hondius, Jr., left Holland because of religious persecution and went to London where Pieter became an engraver and cartographer. During his long life he engraved many maps for the cartographers of his day. In 1599 he engraved plates for the 44 English and Welsh counties, which were published between 1605 and 1610. and also produced an atlas of the Netherlands (1677-1622),.and the Atlas Minor (1627), a pocket edition, which became known as "Miniature Speeds" because he used the descriptions from the larger maps by John Speed.
     The map on the miniature sheet from Romania, Vetus Descriptio Daciarum Nec non Moesiarium, was engraved by Keere (Latinized to Petrus Kærius Cælavit) on copper and published about 1625 in Amsterdam. It shows the region of Dacia, north of the Danube River, and Moesia (colored light yellow), south of the Danube. The stamp was issued in 2003 to honor the National Map and Book Museum in Bucharest.

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