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Johannes van Keulen, 1700

     The map of Tristan da Cunha is a portion of a larger map of Africa, Pascaarte vande Zee custen van Guinea en Brasilia, van Cabo de Verde, tot C. de Bona Esperanca en van R. de Amaznes tot Rio de la Plata, alles op wassende graaden gestelt. t Amsterdam,  published in De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee Atlas ofte Water-werelt ca. 1700.  Van Keulen  published the first edition of the Atlas in 1680 in Amsterdam. Successive editions were published by his son Gerard, grandson Johannes, and great-grandson Gerard Hulst. The firm continued to publish maps and charts into the nineteenth century.

SCN 293

     On the map the rose is at approximately 16S 16W (using modern coordinates), while the Islands are at approximately 40S 10W. The Islands have been moved closer to fit the space available. The cartouche has been moved much closer to the rose while the ship is at the correct latitude, though also closer to the rose than on the map, and the direction lines through the rose have been simplified.

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