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Bailiwick of Guernsey

     Guernsey issued its first definitives in 1969 after the Post Office of the Bailiwick of Guernsey became a separate entity and British postage stamps ceased to be valid. The design of the two stamps in this issue displayed a map of the Bailiwick. The map includes indications of latitude and longitude. The longitude of 220W is correct, but the latitude of 4030N is not. It should be 4930N and new stamps with the correct latitude were issued in 1970.

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SCN 28-29


The Republic of Kirbati is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean at the intersection of the equator and the international date line. The island group was previously part of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands. Kiribati was granted independence from Great Britain in 1979 It consists of thirty-three islands including the former Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands, Ocean Island and Line Islands, covering two million square miles, and a land area less than that of New York City. Kiribati has released several sets of stamps showing maps of the various islands.

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