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John Senex

The map of Antigua is from the Atlas of John Senex published in 1721.

SCN 379

George Sommers

     In 1609 Sir George Sommer wrote and published A Plaine Description of the Barmudas, Now Called Sommer Ilands.With the manner of their discoverie Anno 1609, by the shipwrack and admirable deliverance of Sir Thomas Gates , and Sir George Sommers, which included this map. Gates and Sommers are pictured as two small figures on the lower coast of the island. Bermuda was known as Sommer Island after Sir George who died there in 1611.

SCN 380

John Speed

     This map was compiled by Richard Norwood in 1622. It was the first English printed map published in an atlas that showed Bermuda divided into Tribes and Shares (Lots)--designating the properties given to the "Adventurers" who were shipwrecked there in 1609. Note the minature map below the titlepiece, inserted to show the relative position of the island vis-a-vis the American mainland. This "little island that isn't there" was thought by many later cartographers to be real, and appears on at least 13 maps published during the next 150 years. From A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World....

SCN 384


    John Thornton (1641-1708) was and engraver and the leading English hydrographer of his day. He was appointed hydrographer to the Hudson Bay Company and to the East India Company. He worked closely for many years with John Seller, and when John Seller was beset by difficulties in completing the later volumes of the English Pilot, Thornton took over and subsequently published Book III (1703) and Book IV (1689), the latter in conjunction with William Fisher. He also assisted with the issue of Seller's Atlas Maritimus (c. 1675) and later issued an atlas of his own under the same title.

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