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Germany C46-C54

     This stamp is part of a larger set of 11 stamps, nine of which have the same design. The view of the globe is directed to the Atlantic Ocean and the continents that border it.
     Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany when he was appointed Chancellor in 1933 by President von Hindenburg. These stamps were issued in 1934, although it wasn’t until September 1935 that the Flag Law replaced the Kaiser's black-red-white horizontal striped flag with the swastika as the nation's official symbol.
     The design indicates German control over the world with a swastika that rises like a sun over the globe. But the sun sets in the west, and ironically that  metaphor fits history much better.

SCN C46-C54

Germany B200

     The stamp issued in 1942 to commemorate “Tag der Briefmarke” (Stamp Day) shows a collector (perhaps a cartophilatelist) examining a stamp with tongs and a magnifying glass. The globe shows the Iceland, part of Greenland, the British Isles and Europe quite clearly.

SCN B200

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