Incorrect Inscription

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     The stamp is the high value of a set of two stamps issued by Senegal in 1992. On this stamp the identification of the map is partially overprinted with a black bar, leaving the words BAKARI II SUR LA CARTE DE [...]S 1413 (Bakari II on the map of [...]s 1413). The overprint covers the letters MECADES.
     The original of the map is signed "Mecia de Viladestes me facit in ano MCCCCVIII (Mecia de Viladestes made me in the year 1413). So, the inscription as originally printed on the stamp was incorrect. It should have been BAKARI II SUR LA CARTE DE MECIA DE VILADESTES 1413. The black bar was used to cover up an error in the inscription.
     The map was formerly preserved in the convent of Val de Cristo near Segorbe, but it is in the Bibliothèque Nationale at Paris.

SCN 1041

     This was the first design error I discovered. It was published in The Carto-Philatelist, Vol. 40, No. 3/4, p. 99.

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