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Seychelles 209

     In two issues of the 1962 volume of The Cartophilatelist (VIII:3:44, VIII:5:100) the 2.25 value of a set issued in 1962 by Seychelles is described as an error because the large island east of southern Africa is named "Madagascar" instead of Malagasy.  

SCN 209

     An independent source ( point out that Malagasy (pronounced Mal-gash and written Malgache in French) is an adjective and a noun used of the people and the language, while the island's name is Madagascar in English, French and other languages, and Madagasikara in the Malagasy language. All the names on the stamp are geographical rather than political, so Madagascar is not an error. As further confirmation see the stamp issued by the Democratic Republic of Malagasy below.

SCN 1062

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