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Japan 267    

     At first glance it seems obvious that the stamp contains a non-map error, a plane without a cockpit, no place for the pilot. In fact, the plane is an experimental plane on which the cockpit windshield could be pulled down to reduce wind resistance in flight, and the crew could collapse their seats and lie down in flight. The cockpit in folded status is indicated by a double break in a line along the fuselage. It looks like this - .

SCN 267

    On May 13-15, 1938 the plane with a crew of three, a pilot, co-pilot, and engineer established a distance record of 7,235 miles during the three days and a world speed record of 116 miles per hour over a 6,213.7 mile course.
     The map in the background shows the Japanese islands below the wing of the plane, with the Asian continent above. The stamp was issued in 1939 as a part of set of 19 stamps.
     A similar stamp was issued as a provisional by the Miyako District in 1946 (Scott Specialized. Ryukyu Islands 3X10).

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