Greenland Misplaced

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     In 1889 David Aitoff created an elliptical equal-area projection by doubling the longitudinal values of an azimuthal equal-distance map. The result was neither azimuthal nor equidistant (except along the equator and the central meridian), but it enabled the whole world to fin in an elliptical disk.
     H. H. Ernst von Hammer applied the same principal to Lambert's azimuthal equal area projection and produced an elliptical equal area projection. The two projections are easily confused. Both are shown at:: .
     It is unclear wihch projection is used on the four stamps issued by the Bahamas in 1970 "to promote good will through world-wide travel and tourism." In addition to the map each stamp also incorporates a mode of transportation, bus, train, ship and plane, into its design.
     One aspect of the design indicates an error: Greenland is perched on the North Pole.

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