A Misplaced Comma

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Bermuda 148

     Sir Edwin Sandys was an early settler in Bermuda. One of the Parishes is named for him, Sandys. The name is properly pronounced “Sands.” In 1953 two stamps with a map of Bermuda were issued in a set of 17 stamps (SCN 148, 156). On those maps Sandys Parish is mispelled “Sandy’s.” Barbara McTaggart has pointed out that it was also misspelled on the official map of Bermuda in 1948. C. F. Black says, "It is believed that the cartographer who drew [the map] may have mistaken a house for an apostrophe in the word."

SCN 148

     Sandys Parish is on the west end of the island. Corrected versions with the proper spelling “Sandys” were issued in 1957 (149, 157).

     SCN 157

     With the issue by Bermuda of a stamp with Emanuel Bowen's map of 1747 it has become clear that the error goes back much earlier. See Bermuda 924 .

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