The third meeting of the postal authorities of the Economic Cooperation Organization was held September 19-21, 2006. Several of the member countries issued a stamp with the same design to commemorate that meeting. The stamps issued by Pakistan and Kazakhstam had errors and are in the index of Design Errors.
     Iran and Turkey issued stamps in 2006 and 2007, respectively, without errors. The design shows a map with the member countries and their flags, the logo or emblem of the ECO, and a small globe showing Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The map appears to have been taken from
     On the stamps of Pakistan and Kazakhstan, intruding into the eastern border of Pakistan is a small area  that is identified on Kazakhstan as "Disputed Territory of Kashmir." (The area, but not the identification also appears on the stamp from Pakistan.) That area is missing on the stamp issued by Iran. A close examination  shows that it was there, with the identification, but has been re-colored to match the dark blue on the left of the stamp.

SCN 2197

     The stamps of Pakistan and Kazakhstan are at and I have not seen Turkey 3041 yet, so I don't know where it fits in all of this. Stay tuned!