Djakarta ~ 1619 - 1971

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Indonesia 803

     The stamp was issued in 1971 to commemorate the 444th anniversary of the founding of Djakarta. It presents two maps of the city.
     On the left is a plan of the town just prior to the occupation by the Dutch East India Company. "Wijk van Kjai Aria means 'The Village of Kjai Aria,' Kjai being the designation for an Islamic scholar. Jacarta marks the seat of the local sultan, beside which was the Mesgit or mosque, and a short distance above it, the Kota or town center. The fortification on the harbor enclosed the Dutch trading post."

Walter Klinefelter, "Jacarta in 1619; Djakarta in 1971,"
The Carto-Philatelist 13:2:7

SCN 803

     The one on the right shows the city in 1971, with indications of three unidentified buildings. The stamp has a picture of the City Hall. The seal of Djakarta is in the upper right corner.

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