Diogo Homem ~ fl. 1547-1576

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     Diogo Homem (fl. 1547-1576), the son of Lopo Homem, was one of the most productive Portuguese cartographers. He worked in London, Lisbon and Venice. It is likely that he took his father's place as Mater of Navigation Charts for King Manual ! of Portugal.
     The Brazilian stamp reproduces a large part of the Mundius Novus, Folio 5 in an atlas of twenty-two maps produced by Homem in 1568. The atlas was in the Royal Library in Dresden, but it was destroyed by water during World War II. Fourteen of the maps, including Folio 5, had been reproduced before the war, and it from that reproduction that the image on the stamp is derived.
     The stamps marks the Fourth Inter-American Philatelic Exhibition, EXFILBRA, held at Rio de Janeiro in 1972.

SCN 1239

     The stamp from Spain shows the Balearic Islands from an atlas produced in 1563.

SCN 2243

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