How Not to Sling a Crate?

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Canada 411

     In 1963 Canada issued this stamp featuring a map on the Mercator projection and a crate to symbolize the export trade. Irvine & Seshold, Errors in Postage Stamp Design, 1979, p. 102, comment, "The crate is hanging from a hook, but "with the rope round the crate to the left doubled over the hook--and therefore no support from it at all."

     While the front and back ropes are hooked differently, they are equally secure. The right one is an "eyeless hitch" with the ropes, chains, or cables running under the crate attached to one "eye," while the left one is a "basket hitch" with each side of the hitched hattached to separate eye. Either method would be equally secure as long as the cables, eyes and hook are strong enough to support the crate.

SCN 411

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