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Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands were one of the presidencies of the Leeward Islands until it became a colony in 1956. The island group is divided between Great Britain and the United States (the Danish West Indies purchased by the United States in 1917 to become the U.S. Virgin Islands).

SCN 155

     The name "Tortola" means "Turtle Dove," and it is the largest island in the group. The value of the stamp is identified as "U.S. Cy" for U.S. Currency. Another stamp in this set has a map showing all 36 islands of the group.

SCN 115


Zanzibar was a British Protectorate until 1963 when it became independent. Following a revolution in 1964 Zanzibar and Tanganyika became the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, which was later renamed Tanzania. Sultan Khalifa bin Harub was the ceremonial head of state in Zanzibar, but without real political power.

SCN 257

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