Cantino Map and Coat of Arms

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     Senegal issued a souvenir sheet in 1981 with a representation of that was prepared by Alberto Cantino, Cara e navigar per le Isole mouam trovate in le parte de India, in 1502, and a representation of Columbus’ coat of arms which was granted in 1493.
     This is certainly the largest portrayal of the Cantino map on stamps
     The elements of the coat of arms are as follows: in the first and second quarters the royal charges of Castile and Léon, in the third quarter islands in a wavy sea, and in the fourth, the arms of his family. Columbus, on his own authority added a continent among the islands in the third quarter, and borrowed five golden anchors from the blazon of the Admiral of Castile to represent the office of the Admiral of the Sea.
     At the bottom left corner is Columbus’ signature which Samuel Eliot Morison interprets as Servus Altissimi Salvatoris, Christou Mariae Hiou ("Servant am I of the Most High Savior, Christ, Son of Mary.") Points are missing before the top S, and the left S in the second line.
     The slogan or motto at the top and bottom reads Por Castilla Y Por Léon: "For Castille and Léon". Nuevo Mondo Hallo Colon: "Columbus found a new world."

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