Jacques Cartier ~ 1534-1541

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     In 1534 Jacques Cartier sailed from St. Malo for America to search for the Northwest Passage to China. Although he did not succeed in his mission he passed through the Belle Isle Strait between Newfoundland and Larbrador and sailed through the Gulf of St. Lawrence, into Chaleur Bay, landed on the Gaspe Peninsula and saw Prince Edward Island and the New Brunswick mainland. A year later he returned, sailed up the St. Lawrence River to the village of Stadacona, the site of Quebec, and further to the village of Hochelaga, the site of Montreal. On this voyage he passed through Cabot Strait for the first time. French claims in Canada are based on Cartierís explorations. He was the first European to attempt to map the area around the St. Lawrence River. He made a third voyage in 1541 and established a settlement at Cap Rouge, which was abandoned the following Spring.

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     In 1992 Canada commemorated the World Philatelic Youth Exhibition in Montreal with four stamps, one of which honored Jacques Cartier. The map shows the area which Cartier explored. Although the map is similar to the Vallard Chart drawn about 1547, there are significant differences.

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