Zheng He ~ 1405-1433

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     In 2005-2006 several countries commemorated the birth of Zheng He with souvenir sheets and stamps, some of which showed portions of a map drawn by Zheng He, the Wu Pei Chi (Wu Bei Zhi; 武備志) map (redrawn after Zheng He's maps in 1628). It is difficult to find images of the portions of the map used on the stamps.
     On the strip of three stamps issued by the People’s Republic of China the stamp on the right has a picture of a portion of the map showing the stars to steer by between Rajasthan and Hormuz. The map on the stamp in the middle is unidentified.

SCN 3438

     On the strip of three stamps issued by Hong Kong neither of the maps on the middle or right-hand stamp have been identified.

SCN 1143

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