Codex Aureus of Canterbury

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     The Codex Aureus was inscribed at Canterbury on vellum in the mid-eighth century. It is richly decorated with alternate leaves dyed purple, written with gold and silver and white pigment, and undyed leaves, written with black ink and red pigment.
     In the middle of the 9th century it was captured by Vikings, ransomed by Ealdorman Ălfred of Surry (fl. 870's and 880's) and his wife WŠrburh, and given to Christ Church. In the 16th century it was a part of the library of Jerˇnimo Zurita, the governor of Aragon. It was purchased by Johan G. Sparwenfeldt in 1690 for the Swedish Royal Library, where it is preserved today.
     The page on the stamp is a portrait St. John throned with the lion symbol associated with him above (folio 150 v.).

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