Border of Brazil

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Alexandre Lourenco de Gusmão a Brazilian lawyer, author and diplomat, was born in Santos, Brazil in 1695, the son of a medical doctor. He took his name from his godfather, a Jesuit, with whom he lived for a time. He studied at a Jesuit College, and the University of Coibra in Lisbon. He was appointed secretary to the Count of Ribereira, who was the ambassador to the court of King Louis XIV of France. While in Paris he received a doctor of laws degree from the University of Paris in 1719. He participated in the Treaty of Madrid of 1750 which replaced the Treaty of Tordisillas (1495), and allowed Portugal to expand the border of Brazil to the west. I have not been able to identify the map.
     This stamp was issued in 1995 to commemorate the 300th year of his birth. His death was commemorated on a stamp issued by Brazil in 1953 (SCN 770).

SCN 2530